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Lensholders & Vario-Lensholder

Knobloch lensholders are available in various types for all the sport shooter’s requirements. The large lensholder (⌀ 37 mm) is recommended for the pistol shooter. The small lensholder (⌀ 23 mm) is often a better choice for the rifle shooter because its easier to adjust behind the dioptre. With the lens- holder (⌀ 23 mm) that is bent at angle you can bring the lens 8 mm nearer to the eye than with a normal lensholder.

GlashalterLensholder ⌀ 37 mm
• Material: Nickel silver ruthenium
• Lenght: 30 mm, 40 mm (please specify the length by order)
• Art.-Nr. 3366

Lensholder⌀ 23 mm
• Material: Nickel silver ruthenium
• Lenght: 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm (please specify the length by order)
• Art.-Nr. 3266

Due to its extra adjustment possibilities in the horizontal the vario lensholder offers the most variable adjustment. Therefore the lens can, according to the needs be centred very near or very far from the eye. This lensholder comes up to the highest demands and expectations of firing and head positions.


Vario-Glashalter Vario-Lensholder ⌀ 23 mm
• Material: Nickel silver ruthenium
• Art.-Nr. 3766

Variostick (without Lensholder)
• Material: Nickel silver ruthenium
• Art.-Nr. 3760

Lensholder 3-Positions and Lensholder system for diopter

Separate changeable variable lensholders . Each of the variable lensholders will be adjusted for the positions standing, prone and kneeing. The lensholders are color marked for an easy differentiation. It is a quick change System.



Lensholder 3-positions ⌀ 23 mm
• Material: Nickel silver ruthenium
• Art.-Nr. 3768

Composed of variable lensholder 23mm and base plate. Easy assemblage on the diopter. The distance between the correction lens and diopter can be individual adjusted. We recommend the diopter- lensholder-system for beginners and shooters with less dioptries or astigmatism. The lens for this system can be also used in our other shooting glasses with lensholder 23 mm without any manual processings.


glashaltersystem-fuer-diopterbase plate  
Length 23 mm

• Material: Nickel silver ruthenium, aluminum
• Art.-Nr. 3780

Ear- & Nose-Piece


Ear piece (pair)
• Material: Nickel silver ruthenium, silicon
• Lenght: 150 mm, 160 mm, 165 mm, 170mm, 180 mm  (please specify the length by order)
• Art.-Nr. 3061

StegePlastic nose-piece K

• Material: Silikon, Thermopl.
• Art.-Nr. 3064

Plastic nose-piece
• Material: Silikon, Thermopl.
• 20 mm Art.-Nr. 3168
• 22 mm Art.-Nr. 3167

Plastic nose-piece A
• Material: Silikon, Thermopl.
• Art.-Nr. 3065
Adjusting slide

Adjusting slide

Adjusting slide for lens or a cover disc.

• Material: High-grade steel
• Standard Art.-Nr. 3071


Adjusting slide

Special Adjusting slide

lens holder, special adjusting slide and cover disc, Ø 37 mm, please specify the colour of cover disc by ordering

• Art.-Nr. 3267